The happiness of
crafting personalized gifts

Let’s say you have a sibling who lives miles away from you (maybe you don’t even have to pretend!). They’re struggling with getting through finals week. So, you want to send them something — something that shows how much you care. You go online and search for hours trying to find the perfect customized gift for them — until you realize that this doesn’t exist, or you get to checkout and you realize just how much you’ll be spending. So much for that perfect gift.

But fret no more, because that is exactly where Boxxy Gifts comes in!

After graduating from college, our founder encountered the problem so many young professionals face after entering the working world. She and her sister separated to pursue different jobs or degrees in different cities. She tried to comfort her sister when she needed her most with a meaningful, personalized gift, but couldn’t find any customizable gift boxes with that personalized touch. So, she started Boxxy Gifts with one purpose: To bridge the gap between customizable gift-giving and distance.

Boxxy Gifts is a one-stop-shop for all your gift-giving needs, whether it’s the perfect present for your best friend, parent, siblings, bridesmaids, or dear to your heart! Boxxy Gifts provides affordable options to make a gift box for that special person in your life that can be mailed straight to their door with beautiful packaging. No matter the occasion, Boxxy Gifts has a meaningful, customizable solution!

Yes, this is truly personalized! We want to give you the option to customize tumblers, t-shirts, and many more items! What better way to gift than adding your special person’s name or choosing their favorite color to customize that new favorite gift! This is what sets Boxxy Gifts apart from other gifting platforms, the ability to customize products.


Once receiving your order, we will turn
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We accept returns for freshly purchased products within 7 days from the payment.


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