Help Us Make An Impact In Our World

Social entrepreneurship is a relatively new term that emerged a few years ago when small startup companies started building strategies for giving back to their communities into their business plans. There are many roads to the same goal, but at Boxxy Gifts, we present a specific charity with a percentage of our profits each month.

We call it our Make an Impact campaign.

Through this unique initiative, each month or so we identify a charitable organization that will receive 15 percent of our net sales. Often these are causes that are near and dear to our hearts.

Why do we choose to be a leader in social entrepreneurship? Well, changes don’t happen just because we want them to. We have to make an effort to go after our goals with gusto. Whether its research, awareness or support, Boxxy Gifts is honored to play a small part in advancing important changes and causes throughout America and the world with our financial contributions.

While Boxxy Gifts was created to make personalized gift-giving easier for people who struggled with gift ideas, we also wanted to be meaningful partners to the charitable organizations we support.

It all starts with you, our valued customer. Without your purchase of our fun, unusual, high quality baby items, beverage boxes, men’s gifts and other items, we couldn’t make our sizable donations to those in need.

For us, success isn’t simply defined by the amount of profit we clear each year. It is a combination of selling quality products, making a profit and improving the communities around us that really matters.

Let’s make a difference together.